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.PHONY: help
@echo " setup"
@echo " Build the development containers and install dependencies."
@echo " up"
@echo " Run the development server."
@echo " update"
@echo " Install / update dependencies in the development containers."
@echo " build"
@echo " Build the production assets."
setup: dev-build update
dev-build: Dockerfile.python
@docker compose build
.PHONY: up
@docker compose up
update: website/requirements.txt
@echo "Installing / updating dependencies ..."
@docker compose run --rm website pip install --user -r requirements.txt
@echo "Successfully built containers and installed dependencies."
SITEURL ?= http://localhost:9001
.PHONY: build
@docker build --build-arg siteurl=${SITEURL} -t offen/software-builder-website -f build/Dockerfile .
@rm -rf output && mkdir output
@docker create --entrypoint=bash --name assets offen/software-builder-website
@docker cp assets:/code/website/output/. ./output/
@rm -rf output/theme/.webassets-cache
@docker rm assets
@docker rmi offen/software-builder-website:latest